We love to give at Austin Cove Community Church. We know that God loves us and blesses us with everything we have and we know he is faithful to provide all our needs. That is why we choose to give to God generously and openly.

​There are many opportunities to give in the life of Austin Cove Community Church. We give regularly of our tithes, we give offerings and we give to various local and overseas missions.

Though we encourage everyone to worship through giving, Austin Cove Community Church doesn’t differentiate in our care for anyone based on giving. Giving is a personal matter between you and God and our church will continue to love and support every person who wants to be part of our church without regard to whether they give or not or how much they give.

There are a few of ways you can give to God at Austin Cove Community Church.

iGive – To set up direct giving via credit or debit card just click on the image —> and follow the prompts. This is a convenient way to give. If you need to change your iGive payments, please call 1300 650 542.

Direct Deposit

BSB: 704 922
ACC: 1000 155 49
Reference: ‘Tithe’ or ‘Offering’

Cash Giving

We’re not currently accepting cash giving. Please speak to Pastor James for how to give by cheque if that is a suitable alternative.

Thank you for faithfully contributing to the mission of Austin Cove Community Church!

Murray Community Resources
Building a Generation Giving Campaign

If you’re looking for details about our giving campaign, please head to https://www.austincovechurch.com.au/building-a-generation/

If you just need the account details, they are below.

Account Name: Murray Community Resources Inc
BSB: 704922
Account Number: 1000 194 36
Reference: BuildAGen