Equip Resources

At Austin Cove we’re passionate about equipping the people who are exploring faith or call our church home to follow Jesus every day, in every way. Equip is the third step in our discipleship process. On this page you’ll find resources to help you be equipped in your faith and to help you take the next steps in your faith journey

The Austin Cove WAY

Our heart is to meet people where they are in their journey, in both life and faith, and then, step by step, we walk with them towards Jesus.

What’s this look like? Find out more by downloading ‘The Austin Cove Way’ document.


What’s your next step?

Are you exploring faith and wanting to know what’s next? Perhaps you are looking to get better connected at the church? Maybe you are looking to grow in faith? Have a look over the tabs below to see how we can help you take your next step.

We’d love to help you explore your faith further.

From time to time we provide opportunties to formally explore faith, but at all times someone is up for a coffee with you!

To find out more head to our ‘Explore Jesus‘ page and fill out the form and our Pastor, James, will be in touch.

Get Baptised

Ready to go or still got questions??

For more information or questions about being baptised check out our ‘Get Baptised‘ page.

Join a Team

A great way to get connected is to join a serving team! Though these are not the only ways you can serve God, getting started on one of these teams can help you take steps on your own faith journey.

Though we’d love to know your interest for any of these roles some roles do require specific skills and some (especially those working with kids) require police checks and safe church training. Let us know your interest and we can walk with you from there.

Interested in any of these roles? Use the contact form below to let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Teams & Roles


All teams require Safe Church training and some roles require other vetting. All volunteers serving children and teenagers are highly vetted and require a valid Working With Children Check.


Prayer Team – Prayer Chain, Prayer Corner (Sunday Service)

Pastoral Care – Team Member

Life Groups – Life Group Facilitator, Life Group Host

Sunday Service Focused

Worship Team – Musician, Singer, Media, Sound

Sunday Service Team – Service Host, Pre-Service Setup, Post-Service Clean Up

Hospitality – Welcome Member, Food Services

Family Ministries

Austin Cove Kids – Facilitator, Helper, Morning Tea, Check-In

Austin Cove Youth – Youth Leader


Join a Life Group

If you’d like information about joining others from the Church in a small group setting (we call these Life Groups), head to our Life Groups Page.

Become a Partner

Though it is not necessary to become a Partner to be part of Austin Cove, formal partnership is a valued step of commitment to the ongoing cause of the church.

There are Five Commitments to be a Partner at ACCC:

1. Salvation – A commitment to following Jesus.
2. Discipleship – A commitment to ongoing spiritual growth.
3. Relationship – A commitment to connecting regularly with the broader church in our weekly Sunday service and our Life Groups.
4. Purpose – A commitment to serving the church generally and discovering your own gifts so we can help release you into areas of giftedness.
5. Stewardship – A commitment to supporting the church financially.

At ACCC we ask that you commit to a partnership with ACCC for the following reasons:

1. A Biblical Reason: Christ is committed to the church.

2. A Cultural Reason: It is an antidote to our society. We live in an age where very few want to be committed to anything…a job…a marriage…our country. This attitude has even produced a generation of “church shoppers and hoppers.” Membership swims against the current of the Western world’s “consumer religion.” It is an unselfish decision. Commitment always builds character.

3. A Practical Reason: It defines who can be counted on. Partnership identifies our family.

4. A Personal Reason: It produces spiritual growth. The New Testament places a major emphasis on the need for Christians to be accountable to each other for spiritual growth. You cannot be accountable when you’re not committed to any specific church family.

Ready to go or want to ask some questions?

Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Austin Cove Equip

Across the year we offer various growth, training and development opportunities so help you grow in faith and ministry. See below a brief overview of the main programs we offer. Please note: Though we only formally offer these once each per year, if you missed out or can’t make the next time, get in touch with Pastor James using the contact form below to see if he might be able to take you through the program of interest another time.

1. Reading the Bible for all it is worth

Give your devotional life a refresh or get your Bible reading back on track.  This 2 hour course briefly explores the history of the Bible, as well as how you can read it for all its worth.

2. Sharing your faith and testimony

Want to know how to share your own faith story or just want some help working out what your faith story even is? Perfect, that’s what this 2 hour course is for.

1 Peter 3:15 – But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.

3. Exploring spiritual disciplines

Christians have been exploring spiritual disciplines for centuries but many today are not sure what this is all about. Come along to this 2 hour course to explore;
1. Rule of Life
2. Confessions.
3. Reading the Bible
4. Practicing Celebration
5. Fasting
6. Prayer
7. Giving

4. Discovering your spiritual gifts

What are Spiritual gifts? What gifts are there? Do I have spiritual gifts? What is my ministry? If any of these questions are relevant to you…this 2 hour course is for you! Come along and explore the role that the Holy Spirit plays in the life of a follower of Jesus.

5. Baptism unpacked

At this 2 hour course you will learn more about what it means to be baptised, a significant and powerful moment in following Jesus. For more information on baptism, check out our ‘Get Baptised‘ page.

6. Partnering with ACCC

Learn more about who we are as a Church and how you can be a part of what God is doing in and through us. This 2 hour course will explore in greater detail than our booklet what our church Vision & Mission looks like, as well as help you see where you ‘fit’ within the work that God is doing in and through our church.

Discipleship Covenant

A covenant is simply an agreement made between two parties. At Austin Cove, we use a yearly ‘discipleship covenant’ as a tool to help people follow Jesus. Each year we consider three area’s we want to grow in over the next year, in line with our church discipleship pathway of engage > encounter > equip, and ‘covenant’ to focus on these across the year. This normally happens at the end of the Church Vision series in February or March.

2023 Covenant Sunday – February 12th

Though the chance to make a physical submission will be offered during this service, you may prefer to submit online either in advance, on the day or after the day. As this tool is meant to serve you, there is no right or wrong way. 

Online Submission

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