Engage Resources

At Austin Cove we’re passionate about engaging our local community in the hope that we can share the good news of Jesus with a world in need. Engage is the first step in our discipleship process. On this page you’ll find resources to help you engage your local community, both prayerfully and practically. These resources will grow over time.


Prayer Map

As followers of Jesus, we believe in the power of prayer. We’d love to help you be more intentional in praying for the people in your sphere of influence. Use this resource to help ‘map’ who you are connected to and then use this as part of your prayer time to pray for the people in your world.

Listening Questions Resource

Download the listening questions resource here.

Other Engage Resources

Intentional Community Connections

How do we connect with people? One way is to be intentionally involved in our community, regularly. Rather than just being about what we do together either on a Sunday, or another time, we’re investing in seeing our people get involved in their local community. Once a quarter we ask our church people to let us know where they are intentionally plugging in to their local community. You’ll find the survey form for this here. We may not be officially collecting this data at this time but we’d still love you to let us know where you’re investing in your local community.

Know Your Neighbours

Have you noticed that, in many cases, people don’t know their neighbours any more? At Austin Cove, we’d like to do something about that!

Here’s a tool to help you learn, and remember, who lives on your street. Getting to know who lives around you is a simple but practical way of connecting with your local community.

When you meet someone new from your street, simply add any details you learn to this ‘map’ and add to it over time. Simply click the button below and the resource will open in a new window. From there you can either download it, or print it.