Missing Everyday Peace

Series – Missing Peace?


James Middleton




About This Episode

There was spectacular activity around the birth of Jesus (Angels, Virgin conception, fulfilled prophecy, Visiting Magi and strange gifts). It can be hard to relate this extra-ordinary activity to everyday life. Maybe this is helpful escapism? But, in the dramatic Christmas story what can help us find peace for our daily demands?

As far as we’re aware, most of Jesus childhood was ordinary. Through Jesus we are brought into his relationship with God as our good heavenly Father. Like Jesus we can grow in trusting God, every day. Putting down deep roots of peace with God in the ordinary times, prepares us for the tough times, when challenge comes. A 12-year-old may be better at this than adults? But Mary and Joseph learnt something the day they found Jesus in his Father’s house (v50). This was a moment Mary treasured in her heart. Now we can too.


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