Thursday, June 13th

 (Time will depend on attendees / host!)

A great way to connect with people is to share a meal together. This year, we have a creative way of helping you potentially get to know some new people from the church. Enter > Mystery Dinner 2024!

Sign up to either host or attend our dinner. As part of the sign up you can let us know how many people you want to host, or if attending, how many are going to attend and any dietary requirements.

Hosts will provide the main meal. Guests will be assigned either an entree, dessert or drinks to bring.

Not everyone loves a mystery so you have an option on the form to decide just how mysterious you would like your experience to be as well!

 We hope you will join us!

See registration form on this page to submit your interest. As you enter your answers, more fields will appear for required details.

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