Engage Day

Twice a year as a church we hold what we call an ‘Engage Day’ where we look to serve our local communities. This might be an area local to our church (South Yunderup), or local to the area that people live.

One of the BEST things about our engage days is that¬†anyone can get involved, even if you don’t normally go to Austin Cove Community Church.

Two ways you can help!

Get Involved

Do you already know what you’d like to do, or do you need help getting involved?

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Submit A Project

We’d love your help to know what’s needed in the community. Do you know an area that needs cleaning, a group that needs supporting or some other way we could support the community as part of this day? Let us know using the form below.

We can’t promise to get to every project submitted but your submission will help us to maximise our community impact.

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